Style Arc Gorgeous Gore Skirt

This is one of my favorite skirt styles, and another pear-friendly offering from Style Arc. It is fitted at the waist and upper hip, and gently flares out at the lower hip and over the thighs. The knit fabric means that it has great drape and the pull-on style is quick to make. There’s only two pieces, a yoke and the skirt panel. Does it get any better than this?


There’s 2″ of ease in the hip area. There’s 3/4″ positive fabric ease at the waist, but the elastic has -1.5″ ease. 1/4″ elastic is required for the waistline. It is about 25″ from waist to hemline.

Here’s mine. I made it out of the Swiss 4-way stretch knit in Midnight Gray from Gorgeous Fabrics. This knit is sturdy and durable but has enough drape for something like this. In the photos below it is paired with the Style Arc Alice knit top.



The yoke is wide and fitted, and the skirt gently flares outward.IMG_5164

It has tons of movement during walking!IMG_5171


And the obligatory twirl, which was awkward to try to capture with the use of a remote and not an actual photographer. IMG_5168

The only adjustment I made to my size 12 pattern was taking in the waist 4″. No changes to the length, so if you’re petite you’ll probably need to shorten it.

One thing I did want to make a note of is that when you make the casing for the waistband elastic, make sure you use a zig-zag and NOT a straight stitch. My mind was a bit fatigued by the time I got around to making this skirt, and I thought maybe I could get away with straight stitches. It popped the first time I slid it on. The zig-zag I used was 3.5mm width, 2.5mm length.

The instructions also have you blind stitch the hem. I used a coverstitch, partially because it was faster but also because it seemed like it would work better with this knit.

I’m sooo happy with this skirt!

6 thoughts on “Style Arc Gorgeous Gore Skirt”

  1. Very nice! I have started to wear skirts again after a long break. I’ll need to look into getting this pattern. Thanks for your review.

    1. I don’t think it gets anymore comfortable than a gored knit skirt with an elastic waist, plus it went together so quickly!

  2. Thanks for the skirt review. I’m turning toward skirts this summer of apocalyptic heat and gores and yokes are always soooo flattering. Good to know this one is a winner. And you are right, a substantial, high quality knit is a nice thing for a skirt… no lumps and bumps.

    1. Yes I heard about that heat wave you guys are going through in CA! The nice thing about this knit is that it dries quicker than cotton or rayon knits so I find it more comfortable to wear in the heat, plus it has a soft, silky texture and is very breathable.

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