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After the success of my Style Arc Adele I have decided that more tunics in my wardrobe would be good. The only thing is that I now I need some slim pants to go with them. I liked the Wallis because of the vertical front seam and the fact that it was meant for ponte knits. I love the idea of wool ponte knit pants for the winter.


Here they are. They are the first slim fit pants I’ve worn in a long, long time.


Maybe I can wear slim fit pants. With an A-line tunic or longer length shirt to help cover my thighs though, not a short little top or tight tunic like the teenage girls I see running around. (Maybe that’s why I was so afraid to wear them all this time.) I love how much easier it is to slip on muck boots for putting my chickens and geese in at night and how I don’t have to worry so much about the hem being either too long or too short if I put on a different pair of shoes. Since I’m making them it is also possible to add in a little bit more room to the calf area.

I made my Wallis pants out of the 4-way stretch Swiss knit from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is stretchier than the sample but I was happy with the final fit. Slim but not as tight as leggings. (The knees in the photo above are a little stretched out from sitting most of today.)

My fitting adjustments were adding 2″ to the leg length, scooping out the crotch (both front and back) 1/2″, extending the back crotch curve by 3/4″, lowering the front crotch curve 3/8″, and adding 1″ to the calf width and bottom leg opening. (I must have large calves by Style Arc and RTW pants standards because as you can see they are definitely not too loose even after this adjustment. Strange thing is that I never have trouble with tall boots being too tight in this same area.) The toughest thing about making these pants is that I also needed to take in the waist 4″, and the topstitching makes it difficult after the fact. Luckily I was able to fudge it with this dark color. (In case if you were wondering, I took in the waist at the curved sideseam.)

Like Sigrid I found the line drawing was not accurate when it came to the side seam. ETA: Style Arc has since updated the line drawing, and now it correctly shows the side seam. Their technical drawing comment is correct though in that it is “waved” to the front instead of being entirely shifted. It starts out like a normal side seam, right where my pinky is, but then curves to position shown in the line drawing by the time it hits the knee. I did my best to bump up the exposure to better show how it looks in the photo below. (It is rainy when I took these photos so I’m working with limited light.)

IMG_5413 1.48.51 PM

I can’t decide how I feel about the shifted side seam. Sometimes I look at it and think it is kind of neat, other times I feel like Sigrid in that it looks like the legs are twisted. Since I’m not 100% in love with this look I think for next time I will redistribute the curve from the knee upward so that it is straight like the line drawing. I’ll mark the new seam line on these with a Chaco liner, measure, then transfer the change to the pattern.

Next project: scarlet red jersey pajamas. They’re not for me though, they’re for my dad, who came home Tuesday! His favorite color is red and it seems like you don’t often see men’s pajamas in anything other than black, blue, green, and gray. It also seems like they always use that heavy interlock knit for menswear and I think he would love to have something lighter and stretchier. The knit I picked out is a very soft rayon/lycra jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics.

He’s actually doing great. He’s bored because of his current physical limitations but is otherwise happy and feels the best he’s felt in over 6 weeks. He said “I feel like they’re finally making progress with me.” My orange cat is ecstatic to have “her man” back. The only downside is that he’s on a strict liquid-only diet for at least two more weeks. Then after that he’s on a mush diet until he has his big surgery in October. The thickest thing he can have right now is cream of wheat. Yesterday he was looking longingly at the cucumbers from the garden that were sliced up for dinner and said “I bet those are really good…” But he will stick to it because he will do anything to avoid going to the hospital again. We are trying our best to make the dietary restrictions as bearable as possible. My mother made some beef broth yesterday and added in some soup bones, barley, and a whole bunch of parsley and vegetables from the garden for additional flavor. It was actually quite tasty, and even though I’m not on any sort of restrictions I took a little bit to go with my lunch today.

9 thoughts on “Style Arc Wallis Pants”

  1. I agree that those seems can look weird but let’s face it, you look nice in those pants. I wish I could wear something like that!

    I happy that your father is finally home. We’re starting to see the light :) And it’s a good thing that he feels hungry again 😀

  2. They look awesome. I agree that the seam would bother me too, I would shift it…
    after trying to untwist my pants for hours.

    You have worked out the fit very well.
    I agree that leggings just look better with tunics. General rule of thumb, big on top, skinny on the bottom or vice-versa creates balance.
    That new about dad is awesome, it must be so nice to have him back and feeling better.

    1. I agree, I think part of the reason why I had a difficult time falling in love with the top at first was that I owned no slim fit pants to go with it, so the proportions didn’t look right.

  3. The Wallis pants look just right on you. The curved seam sure is a different look, but I think it is a slimming feature (not that you need it). I have similar challenges in the calf area. Who has these stick legs anyway?

  4. Interesting seam — wonder what the rationale behind it is — just a styling detail, or something to do with fit? You look very nice in them. Karen

    1. I think it is a design line. My side seams fall straight with Style Arc pants so I know it isn’t something like the pants being too large in the front.

  5. I love this outfit Anne!

    I can’t wait to receive my Adele pattern. I’ve already got a couple of pairs of similar RTW pants but no tunics to go with.

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