Style Arc Abby Cardigan


The Style Arc Abby is a cardigan with a draping, shaped front. The front folds to create a self facing. You can either leave the ends hanging loose or knot them together in the front.

IMG_5950 copy

I chose to wear mine knotted today. It like how it looks open but knotting them together is more practical.


My fitting adjustments were:

  • 3/8″ broad back adjustment
  • Removing 1/2″ from the length
  • Lengthened the sleeves 1.25″
  • Added 3/4″ width to the sleeves
  • Added 2″ width to the hip

During construction I realized that I forgot to do a narrow shoulder alteration, so I kind of winged it while sewing on the sleeves. As a result the upper chest is a bit wider than I intended.

I found Lara’s tutorial on how to do the back neck/shoulder seams invaluable. I didn’t even have to look at the Style Arc instructions!

The fabric I used was a lightweight merino wool jersey from Fabric Mart. I felt like overlocking it would have made the seams too bulky, so instead I used a walking foot and stretch stitch and narrow zig-zag on my regular machine. For hemming I used a narrow zig-zag and trimmed close to the stitching. I felt like it was less obvious than a coverstitch. I stabilized the shoulders with cotton twill tape.

The sleeves felt a bit big, but they’re actually perfect when layering a lightweight long sleeve tee under it (like I’m doing in the photos). The bottom hem of the sleeves still feels an inch or two too wide so I’m probably going to go back and narrow them.

While I like this cardigan and find it a nice weekend layering piece, I  prefer the slightly more formal Terry Tie cardigan. So for that reason I’m not sure I’ll be making another Abby anytime soon.

In Other News…

I’m probably not going to be doing as much sewing as I intended during my vacation this week. Why? We have a new member in the family. Her name is Sally and she’s a 11 week old Great Dane! She was my Christmas/birthday gift to my mother. I wouldn’t have done it except I knew 100% that my mom really, really wanted a Great Dane puppy and was actively looking for one.

Here’s Sally helping me organize my sewing space:



Sally is keeping me very busy. Luckily I’m on vacation until after New Year’s Day, so I don’t mind getting up at 5:30am to take her outside and then taking her outside again for what seems like 10x a day. The house is very, uh, full with three cats, two rabbits and a (caged) rooster currently hanging out in the sunroom, and now a puppy running around, but at the same time I kind of like the chaos!

We brought her home on Saturday.  My mom actually called about Sally herself  Wednesday night but was going to wait because she wanted to see how my dad’s follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Friday was going to go. Great Dane puppies always go very quickly so Tom told me to call the next morning and get the ball rolling. We went there Thursday night to put down a deposit and choose which one we wanted…and did not tell my mom what we were doing. She was SPEECHLESS when Tom walked through the door holding Sally. And my mom is never speechless! Everyone absolutely adores her. But for some reason Sally is favoring me (hanging out in my bedroom when I’m on my computer, climbing on me wanting to be cuddled when I’m sitting on the floor, following me everywhere), which is kind of odd considering I’m not even a dog person! She’s so cute and charming though that I can’t help but love her.

She kept pushing her way into the frame and making a general pest of herself when I was trying to to take photos of my Abby cardigan photos:






10 thoughts on “Style Arc Abby Cardigan”

  1. What a gorgeous cardigan on you – perfectly flattering for your figure. Sally is beautiful. Who wouldn’t love her?

  2. Sally looks like a handful, but fun too, and clearly adores you! Your Abby cardi, and all your StyleArc wardrobe, look lovely on you. Thanks for sharing these through your many reviews.

  3. Hi there Anne! Your cardi looks great, and I’m really pleased that the tutorial was helpful. It’s a cardi that I wear often actually. You have reminded me that I need to make another! And how beautiful is your dog! What a sheen to her coat.

  4. I love the cardi on you and I love the colour especially. What a lot of animals. Love the new look on your blog and thanks for so many Style Arc reviews. Really they should sponsor you!

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