Red Wool Ponte Style Arc Marie Jacket

Another Marie jacket, this time out of a red wool ponte:

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.44.39 AM

I bought this from Fabric Mart sometime before I realized that red isn’t one of my most best colors, but since I already bought it I had to use it! It is stiffer than my royal blue version so it doesn’t drape well when open, but since I plan on wearing it closed all the time I guess it doesn’t matter.




The cowl got a little bit knocked out of place in this photo, but it gives you an idea of just how crisp this fabric is. IMG_6039The increased stretch plus the less grabby fabric makes it feel much more like a jacket than a sweatshirt. I was easily able to layer my long sleeve cotton/lycra Style Arc Ann T-top under it. The ponte has about 80% stretch crosswise, 40% lengthwise. This fabric is thick and spongy, which made a huge pain when it came to coverstitching over seam intersections. There is more bulk at the neck than with my blue version. But I’m willing to overlook all of that due to how WARM it is!

The adjustments I made for this jacket were:

  • Lengthened the sleeves a little bit more (making them a total of 2″ longer than the originally drafted pattern length)
  • Added back the 3/8″ shoulder width I removed in my original version. I stabilized them with a strip of fusible cut on the bias.
  • Added another 1/2″ width to the upper back.

I decided to make this sooner rather than later after seeing the weather forecast for the next couple of days. 5-8″ of snow tonight, and a high of 8 degrees tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 6.42.16 PM

6 thoughts on “Red Wool Ponte Style Arc Marie Jacket”

  1. I really like that style of jacket and it may be on my wish list next winter. OMG that is cold, it is currently 27 degrees celcius where I live and even in the depths of winter only gets to -6 degrees celcius overnight!

  2. Love both versions of the jacket! It really is time StyleArc made you an ambassador and sent you free patterns.

  3. So wonderful! I LOVE this jacket; may have to look into making one of my own! Also, I have to disagree with you – red is lovely on you. Rock it, sister.

    And…I hear you on the temperature. I didn’t even bother looking to see what it was going to be exactly today. I knew it was going to be negative and that was enough information. Our high for Monday is going to be -11, with a low of -20. Ugh Winter.

    1. I saw the forecast in your latest post. I don’t know how you Midwesterners do it! Though when I was shoveling snow Saturday it was 20 degrees, and it felt almost balmy !

  4. Lovely jacket, and I do like the color on you. That forecast is mighty cold! Much colder than our little Florida cold front is bringing. 😉

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