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The Style Arc Dotty is an extremely trendy blouse right now. (Just take a look at my Pinterest board.) It is loose-fitting with a crossover front and extended back hem. The front is constructed so that it folds over, eliminating the need for hemming.  The back has gathers at the yoke and the sleeves have gathers at the simple slip-on cuff.


Like with the Nancy you need to stick to lightweight fabrics with two good sides. Georgette and crepe de chine are perfect. The fabric I used was a stretch silk crepe de chine from Fashion Fabrics Club I bought a little over 3 years ago. I didn’t do a muslin because this blouse is so loosely fitted and since I had fallen out of love with this fabric (it is a bit too warm in tone) I didn’t care if it didn’t work out.

Fitting adjustments:

  • Lengthened the sleeves 1″
  • Broad back adjustment (3/8″ length, 3/4″ width)
  • Added 3/4″ width to the sleeves
  • Took in the back 3/4″ at the waist
  • Added 2″ width to the back at the hip

The construction was simple and straightforward and the instructions a bit better than I anticipated. The front is basically folded in half and like the Nancy is caught between the yoke pieces at the neckline edge. I didn’t think the folded-over facings would stay in place, but somehow they do!

I was really up in the air about this style but decided to try it anyway. My conclusion: I like it tucked into my slim Ali skirt, but less so worn loose with pants. Wearing it with a necklace and my hair down helps but it isn’t quite “me”.  This You Look Fab article describes the problem perfectly. My figure needs either long and loose with a bit of waist shaping or short and fitted, with a shirt tail hem and structure at the top. I also don’t like how the front hem of the Dotty bags out at the bottom, though those of you who are fuller busted would probably have less of a problem with that. So for that reason I won’t be making another Dotty. I’m glad I at least tried the trend though.

In case if you are wondering if the Dotty will work for you here is an article from You Look Fab about wearing this style blouse. I notice she confirms my suspicions about it working best on figures with a fuller upper body/broader shoulder line and shorter neck. Remember, it isn’t just about your size, it is more about how you are proportioned.

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