Style Arc Susan Top

The Susan is a simple long sleeve scoop neck tee meant for stretchy knits.


I wore this top to work today with a scarf and my Stella coat. Yesterday it was 85ºF (29.5ºC) and I was starting to sweat in my black Jacinta; today it only got up to 55ºF (12.7ºF). To think when I made it last weekend I was thinking “I probably won’t be wearing this for a while.”



One of my cats was peering down at me from a window when this one was taken. (I tugged it down a little bit too much so it looks a bit tight around the hips in this particular photo.)


Here it is layered under the Stacie jean jacket:


I like how the Susan fit is trim but not tight, which makes it work-friendly. The scoop neck has a nice width and depth that is interesting without being too revealing. It works well under jackets and blazers.

The fabric I used was a midweight cotton/lycra jersey from Fabric Mart:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.15.26 AM

The major style change I made to this tee was using a band to finish the neckline. Style Arc has you just fold over the 1/4″ seam allowance at the neckline and stitch it in place but I dreaded the thought of trying to turn over that tiny seam allowance with no stabilizer, so I decided to do things a little differently. I lowered and widened the neckline 1/2″, measured it, and cut out a 1.25″ self fabric band which was 90% the length of the neckline. I then serged the neck band to the neckline and topstitched it in place with a coverstitch.

My fitting adjustments were:

  • Lengthened between bust and waist 1.25″
  • Shortened the length 1″
  • Added 4″ width to the hips
  • Widened the shoulders a total of 1.5″ (0.75″ for each side). The shoulders are really narrow on this! On my test version the sleeves kept bunching up into my armpit and doing this adjustment made that issue go away completely.
  • Widened the sleeves at the upper arm/elbow 3/4″
  • Lengthened the sleeves 1.5″. I then ended up removing 1″ length due to my fabric being so stretchy in all directions
  • 3/8″ length and 3/4″ width broad back adjustment

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  1. Very nice wardrobe staple. BTW, I was in error in my last comment. I meant the Suzie top, rather than the Susan. Your tee looks great on you! I think I will wait to see the Paige made up by someone in the sewing arena before I commit. Thank you for replying to my previous comment. I enjoy your blog immensely.

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