Clothing Engineer Anne Meets Apple Annie Fabrics Anne

No sewing this weekend. Instead Tom and I went away to Rhode Island for a long weekend to celebrate 5 years of togetherness (!).



We spent a lot of time tooling around in the Scout.


One thing I told him I wanted to do over the weekend was visit Apple Annie Fabrics. I’ve ordered a few things from Anne before so I wanted to check out the store in person (as well as meet Anne)!

Anne’s store was about 45 minutes away from where we were staying. The directions on her website were accurate and we had no trouble finding it. As soon as we walked up the stairs into the shop we were greeted by none other than Anne herself.

Clothing Engineer Anne with Apple Annie Fabrics Anne

Anne was super helpful, and both of us loved talking with her. She gave us a tour of the shop and chatted with us while we were browsing. Fabrics are mostly organized by color. The shop is small and there’s not a huge selection, but the fabrics are high quality and the atmosphere is light and airy and low key. It reminded me a lot of a local quilt shop which went out of business a few years ago. I do just about all of my fabric shopping online now due to the serious lack of quality fashion fabric stores in CT (Banksville Designer Fabrics is the only one I can think of) so it was a real treat to actually be able to view and touch before buying.

Don’t let Tom’s ultra-serious expression in the photo below fool you. He just stopped smiling when the shot was taken. He was far from miserable. I actually bought more with him there than if I went alone! He picked out this fabric for me, as well as a few fabrics which are going to be projects for himself.


If you are ever in the RI or eastern MA area definitely check out AAF.

12 thoughts on “Clothing Engineer Anne Meets Apple Annie Fabrics Anne”

  1. What a treat for you to actually go to her store and meet her. The fabrics she sells are gorgeous. Tom’s pick was right on, he has excellent taste!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! Also, wow — I didn’t realize you’re in CT. For some reason I’ve always assumed you live in the midwest or something. Anyhoo, it’s super cool that we’re both New England residents (I live in MA).

  3. Thanks for your very informative blog. I also live in CT and find the lack of quality fabric stores disappointing. Fortunately, NYC is close enough for “hands on” fabric shopping. (BTW, your husband’s t-shirt is awesome!)

    1. He told me The North Face sued the company that used to make that line of clothing, and now that they are out of business these t-shirts are considered very desirable.

  4. How awesome! I just got my first order from her, I got some of her yummy Tahari Fabrics. She seemed very sweet and had wonderful customer service.
    That purple is perfect for you, any idea what you will make or does this get stashed until the right project comes along.

    1. I’m thinking an unlined summer jacket with three quarter length sleeves – something like the Style Arc Lori.

  5. Tom picked a great color for you, beautiful fabric! I actually came to your blog to see if you had posted a review of the SA Katherine blouse, and there you are wearing it in the pictures. It’s a pretty blouse, lovely fabric choice, and looks so nice on you.

  6. Thank you Anne, for traveling to Swansea to AAF on your anniversary weekend. I am honored to have been a part of this celebration and so loved meeting you and Tom. I look forward to our next visit. Thank you so much for the glowing recommendation. Happy sewing!!!

  7. I’m a huge fan of AAF! Glad to hear others are finding Anne Kendall and her curated selection of fashionable fabrics.

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