Style Arc Jacinta Dress


Belted (the way I prefer wearing it)




With sleeves

This knit maxi dress has a really attractive cut. The skirt has a little bit of positive ease at the hips and gently tapers in a small amount below the thighs before flaring out again. It doesn’t give the most walking room if you have a long stride but it looks very elegant and won’t overwhelm more petite figures. This dress is long. It actually hits the floor when I’m not wearing heels. I’m 5’8.5″ (174cm) tall with average to slightly long waisted proportions, so if you are more petite you will definitely need to shorten this dress…especially if you want to wear flats with it! The straps of the sleeveless version are wide enough to cover most bra straps.

My major style alteration was removing those yoke and center front/back style lines. It just didn’t make sense to keep them when I was using a large print, and trying to pattern match would only make my life more difficult for no good reason. I temporarily joined the back yoke to the front and back yoke to the back, traced the pieces, then traced them again and attached the pieces together so I could cut everything out on a single layer without having to flip the pattern pieces over.

My fitting adjustments were:

  • Lengthened between bust and waist 1″
  • Lengthened between waist and thighs 1″
  • Lengthened between knee and ankle 1″
  • Broad back alteration: 3/8″ length, 3/4″ width
  • 3/8″ forward shoulder alteration
  • Added 1/2″ width to the sleeves

For my white/pink version I lengthened the hem 1″, but it was not at all necessary. Since my white/pink jersey had no lengthwise stretch I knew my black version would be way too long, so I removed the length I added between knee and ankle.

My first version was a thin rayon jersey with only mechanical stretch:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.15.47 AM

My second version (the black print) was a 4-way stretch jersey which was part of a free Fabric Mart bundle. Based on the drape I am almost certain it is either rayon or a rayon/cotton blend mixed with some lycra.

When constructing this I used iron-on, tear-away stabilizer on the armholes and around the neckline. With a dress this long the risk of gaping armholes and necklines from the fabric stretching everything down was rather high, so I attached the bands on my regular sewing machine using a triple stretch stitch. The stabilizer prevented the fabric from warping as I sewed everything in place, and the triple stretch stitch gave some flexibility to the seam while ensuring the seam would not stretch out. I topstitched using a coverstitch.

I found the neck and armhole bands a little long. I shortened the neck band 1.5″. I think I shortened the armhole bands 1/2″.

I want to make one more Jacinta. What do you think – sleeveless or with sleeves?

19 thoughts on “Style Arc Jacinta Dress

  1. I just bought this pattern in the recent sale, so this post is well timed! I particularly like the black version, and I think it looks great with the belt. It’s giving me all kinds of inspirations now.


  2. Definitely without sleeves 🙂 It’s a summer dress, after all! And what’s this about a free fabric bundle from Fabric Mart????

    So funny that you’re exactly 1″ shorter than me, but you look so much taller. Proportions are such a big part of height!


    1. Every so often Fabric Mart has a deal where they throw in a free mystery bundle of fabric with orders over a certain amount. This was one of those fabrics. I had just enough of it to make this dress.

      Perhaps you are long in the torso rather than the leg? One reason why you rarely see the Duchess of Cambridge in flats is because she’s very long waisted, so high heels (along with all those belts) help balance out her proportions.


      1. Hmmm, I don’t know! I know my waist is fairly high up, but I feel like my full hip is fairly low down … is it possible to be long pelvised?

        Can’t imagine DoC (Kate? Catherine?) in flats, she seems too formal to ever let that happen while making appearances — never thought of her shoes helping balance out her proportions!


        1. You can be short and low waisted, or long and high waisted…what matters is the total length of your torso compared to your legs.

          Yes, there is a reason why she wears heels even when it doesn’t make sense (like playing volleyball or field hockey). If you look at “unofficial” photos of her before they got engaged it is more noticeable.


  3. Thanks for this review, the Jacinta is now on my wishlist! I love both versions on you, although for me ‘with sleeves’ is definitely the way to go. Looks like a lovely one for my holidays 🙂


  4. Love the sleeveless dress on you! That’s my vote! Did you top stitch the armholes using your coverstitch machine? A coverstitch machine is on my wish list. What kind do you have?


  5. Oh Ann, you need to plan a trip to the islands so you have the perfect place to wear those dresses! The pink is rayon; I ordered the same fabric from FM–haven’t done anything with it yet.


  6. I hadn’t thought about ordering this pattern but I’ve put it on my wish list now. They both look great on you Anne!


  7. I vote for no sleeves too. They both fit well, but somehow the sleeveless version is more flattering and elegant to my eye. Thanks for sharing your expertise!


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