Colored Silks from Dharma Trading

Just a FYI – in addition to the PFD (Prepared For Dyeing) white silks, Dharma Trading now offers silk charmeuse, chiffon, and habotai in 31 different colors. The prices are very good. For the 45″ widths the 8mm chiffon is $7.25/yard, 12mm charmeuse $11.09/yard, and 8mm habotai $7.99/yard (with further discounts if you buy more than 10 yards). If you are concerned about color accuracy they sell swatch sample packs too. Shipping for three yards to the lower 48 states would be around $5, if not less.

All these fabrics come in 55″ widths as well, but only in natural white. You’ll have to dye it yourself if you want a different color.

I’ve ordered silk from Dharma before. For quality I would give it a B. I found some of the silks, like the georgette, not quite as refined in texture as the silks I’ve bought from Apple Annie Fabrics, Gorgeous Fabrics, or Sawyer Brook. 12mm silk charmeuse is also on the thin side, so the lighter colors may be a little sheer. If you’re fussy about that sort of thing, order a swatch!

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