First week of September 2015 on Net-A-Porter

I look at the newest collections on Net-A-Porter on a fairly regular basis. I like comparing the styles to sewing patterns and taking note of the fabrics they use. (If there’s one thing I’ve learned after a decade of sewing, it is that fabric choice can make or break the finished garment.)

Anyway, I saw these three items on Net-A-Porter today and couldn’t resist sharing.

First up: the $1995 Tamara Mellon Sweet Revenge stretch-suede legging boots.


Tight suede leggings with built-in boots. I guess it is nice that the inseam can be tailored to fit your calf. But how would you clean them?? Skintight suede pants that can never be washed don’t seem like the…freshest idea to me. I guess you wear pantyhose under them?

Next up is the $4200 Delpozo Mouflon wool and mohair-blend coat:


Aside from overwhelming the 5’9″ size 36 model with fabric…can you imagine going about your daily business with those sleeves? They’re like elbow panniers. I would be trying to cart groceries inside the house and be getting them caught on the door latch. (Then again, if you can afford a $4200 coat you’re probably not hauling in your own groceries.) I am also not sure about how much range of motion the sleeves even offer in the first place, since the model has her arms straight down by her side in every single photo. I do admit that the top of those sleeves are a good design detail if you want to strengthen your shoulder line.

Finally, the $1,935 mostly polyester Merchant Archive Duchesse-satin jumpsuit:


I think this is the most extreme example of culottes I’ve ever seen.

15 thoughts on “First week of September 2015 on Net-A-Porter

  1. oh my. M first thought was to spot clean the crotch of the suede pants from time to time. But then. what if it slightly changed the color, texture or something about the fabric? Then it would always look … I dunno – unfresh? ick!
    I think I’ll put the whole thing out of my mind.


  2. I feel like you’d need to wear a pantyliner with the boot pants. So as not to soil the crotch, ever. But what about sweat? Hmm, I suppose you’d do whatever it is one does to clean any pair of leather pants?

    I was all over that last design, until you said “jumpsuit”. As a dress, so wonderfully pouffy! As a jumpsuit, not my thing. Ah well, and so we sew…


    1. I always keep tall boots unzipped after I take them off so they can air out. Airing out is next to impossible with these. I can only imagine what they are like after a few wears.

      The jumpsuit fooled me at first too. It would have made much more sense if they left it as a dress.


  3. Wow, those are….interesting. The thing about the jumpsuit is that even rich women have to use the restroom–can you imagine dismantling all of that for every potty break? Not to mention it would sound like you were smuggling a bag of potato chips to the person in the next stall. 😉

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  4. A classmate of mine had a similar pair of boots when we were in high school. For reference I graduated in the (mumble mumble) mid 70’s They were off white and sort of patent leathery. I was absolutely fascinated by them, apparently still am. I imagine they were developed so we could wear the most mini of mini skirts without a wardrobe malfunction. I love the jumpsuit too.


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