Marfy 2016-17 Catalog Sneak Peak

The latest Marfy catalog arrived yesterday. (For those of you in the US that preordered: it arrived via USPS and was in my mailbox after I got home from work. I didn’t need to sign for it.)

Some thoughts about this catalog:

  • The designs are a little simpler and less dramatic than in previous years. I am not sure if this is reflecting current trends or based upon customer feedback.
  • As usual, many dresses (especially semi-formal dresses) and a few skirt patterns. It seemed like more tops and less jackets this year. I don’t think there were any pants patterns.
  • Most of the dresses had the visual interest in the front, not the back.
  • The tops are mostly mid-hip or longer. Some of what they referred to as mini-dresses were styled with simple straight-leg pants.
  • Tons of patterns that provide opportunities for color blocking, along with combining sheers with regular fabrics.
  • Like last year, they are showing more alternate views for the patterns – necklines with and without lace-up detailing, cap vs long sleeves, with and without drapes and sleeves, solid vs color blocked, etc.
  • Quite a few oversized/boxy tops and cardigans with very deep sleeves, very similar to the Style Arc Alegra jacket/coat and Hedy dress. Obviously not for me, but someone that can carry these styles off well – like Thornberry – might be interested!
  • Prices seem to have gone up. The average dress pattern is now €19 instead of €16.
  • I noticed they’ve started to sell coordinates. So instead of selling just a jacket or just a top, they’ll sell a skirt along with it. (Perhaps this is to help justify the higher prices.)
  • Capes made up nearly half the outerwear. Most of the outerwear had fur trim.

I already placed my order with Marfy. They told me that I was the very first person to order their catalog back in December!

Below is a selection of 15 different styles from it that I posted to Instagram. Some of what I ordered is shown, and some of it is not!

10 thoughts on “Marfy 2016-17 Catalog Sneak Peak

  1. I don’t know why but the sketches give me a “ladies who lunch” type of vibe but I always love your versions and others who make up these patterns. I have a couple of Marfy patterns in my stash…I must get to work on them one of these days!


    1. Marfy has always had a “ladies who lunch” vibe! I personally love the 9-head tall fashion sketches Marfy produces, but I know they throw a lot of people off. It is best to think of it as showing off the design details and garment proportions rather than representing how it will look on a real person.


  2. Interestingly (and concerningly) this year is the VERY square shoulders in the illustrations. I’d be surprised if they’ve changed their block, as that would mean a lot more pattern adjustments for a lot more people!
    I’m not sure I’m in love with any of this year’s designs (yet – eagerly awaiting my catalogue to be proven wrong), but like Tomasa said, you can get a really different look when it’s made up (and what it’s made of).


    1. I doubt it…fashion illustrations are meant to show off design, not be a “model”. They don’t seem much more square to me vs last year.

      I feel like their fashion sketches are accurate and always give the most important information: what the design details are (waist height, darts, pleats, etc) and what kind of fabric (you will notice how the fabric is drawn more stiffly in some illustrations vs others). I feel very creative and open minded after looking at a Marfy sketch. In a way I feel they’re better than a dress form photo because at least you *know* the Marfy sketch is abstract. A dress form implies reality…and I haven’t seen very many people shaped like a standard dress form.


  3. Excellent choices Anne – I’m actually really liking the increase in number of tops – so many I like too. I usually get most excited about the jacket designs than anything else – but seeing as last years issue had so many, it’s nice to mix it up. I felt they had a really good cross section for the ages in this catalogue? Also – note the return of the Size 44 – this was great to see as I know they experienced quite a bit of backlash by ommitting the ‘in-between’ sizes last year. I’m looking forward to seeing what you sew up from this catalogue so I can live vicariously through you!


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