Style Arc on Gumroad

As you probably already know, Style Arc sells their downloadable PDF patterns on Etsy. Now Style Arc is trying out Gumroad, which is an alternative platform for selling their PDF patterns.

One of the quirks of Etsy is that in order to handle different downloads for different sizes, they have to do five separate listings for each style:


With Gumroad, they have one listing per style, and you just select the size range you need within the product description:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.05.15 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.05.25 AM.png

If you haven’t noticed already, this allows them to offer eight size groupings instead of just five. I know the biggest question people are going to have is “what if I want a different size range than what is offered?” I have already emailed Style Arc about this, and their response was that they would still be able to accommodate custom size requests, just like they do on Etsy. Just send them an email letting them know what you need after checking out.

I know some people are probably wondering about currency. The prices in the listings are in Australian dollars (AUD), but when I added a pattern to the cart and went to checkout the price adjusted to United States dollars (USD). I wasn’t logged in, so I’m guessing that it sets the currency using your IP address.

Gumroad also allows for affiliation. Style Arc offered up this option to me, and since I’ve enjoyed working with their patterns for a long time I decided to go for it. So if you decide to buy the pattern using the Gumroad affiliate links (which will always be noted as such), I will get a percentage of that sale. Or you can continue buying the patterns as downloads from Etsy or as paper patterns from Amazon and their website. Completely up to you!

So that being said, here are my affiliate links for the Gumroad shop. Use the coupon code clothingengineer20 in the offer code box/field during checkout to get 20% off. (The discount will be applied after you advance to the next field in the checkout form.)

Style Arc Gumroad shop

Style Arc Paris, London, and/or New York Tote Bags

Style Arc Kendall Top

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