Burda 6741: Mens’ Pajamas

When I made my cat pajamas last fall, my dad took one look at them and said “now where’s mine?”

Be careful what you wish for, Dad! Your daughter is just crazy enough to track down the exact same flannel she used for her pajamas (albeit from a different seller):

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.55.18 PM

Unfortunately his pajamas were freshly washed and I wasn’t given a chance to press them, so they look really rumpled in the photos. He wanted to get photos over with ASAP, so I rushed and didn’t notice that his shirt was askew. Oh well, you get the idea!

Since cat pajama photos just wouldn’t be complete without an actual cat, I picked up Abby from the chair she was sleeping on and had him hold her. This little orange cat thinks my dad is the most awesome person in the world She regularly sits on his chest while he watches tv at night, and gazes adoringly into his eyes while getting this really dreamy look on her face.

The pattern I used was Burda 6741. The last time I took my mom to Joann’s Burda patterns were on sale. So rather than trace from my 12/2006 Burda, I decided to treat myself to a paper pattern.


Sewing for my dad is the opposite of sewing for myself. I’m a tall pear and he’s a shorter inverted triangle. He measured out to a 54 chest, 52 waist, and 48 hip. He needed the legs shortened 2″ and the arms shortened 1/2″. (He’s around 5’8″.) I also did a 3/4″ rounded back alteration. I could have probably be more aggressive with this last alteration.

Instead of buttons I used pearl snaps from Snap Source. After many, many years of heavy manual labor (he didn’t retire from his job as a heavy equipment mechanic until he was 74!) his hands are thick and calloused, and they’re just easier for him to work than buttons are. They’re also much quicker for me!

When I gave these to my dad after making them, he said “oooh, wow, not just anyone can have a pair of pajamas like these!” I also made him a more sedate pair out of a blue and blue buffalo check flannel…but I think he prefers the cat ones!

30 thoughts on “Burda 6741: Mens’ Pajamas

  1. These PJs are awesome! I love that your Dad modeled them and that your cat made it into the pictures as well. 🙂 I just showed these photos to my boyfriend and asked if he wanted a pair too!


  2. I ADORE the pictures of your dad!!!!!! You did such a wonderful job with the jammies and the pics!!!! I think these are some if my favorite photos on a sewing blog ever. Well done all around!!


  3. I love this post! What made it so wonderful is how “imperfect” it is with his impromptu poses and (im)perfectly styled PJs.These made me so happy!


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