Style Arc Jacinta Dresses

The Style Arc Jacinta (note: affiliate link) is another one of those patterns I made a few years ago and decided to make again. It is my go-to pattern for when I want to make a maxi dress out of a bold patterned knit.


I made three new Jacintas for a little vacation I took last month to Virginia Beach. I have a close friend from college that lives down there, and after literally years of her telling me to visit, I finally got up the courage to take her up on her offer. I’m a nervous and inexperienced traveler, so getting on a plane by myself was a HUGE deal to me, especially since I had been on one only once before in my entire life! I’m glad I went though – it was great to bond and re-connect.

Beach babes! We’ve been told many times before that we could pass for sisters.

The first Jacinta was from a rayon/lycra jersey I purchased a few years ago from Fabric Mart:

The second Jacinta was made from another rayon/lycra jersey, purchased a few years ago from Gorgeous Fabrics:



My final dress was from an Italian rayon/lycra jersey, this time from Mood. There’s still some available!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 4.04.26 PM

One thing I did differently from last time is instead of sewing a tuck at the V, I cut the ends of the binding strip at a 45 degree angle, making a seam at the center front of the binding. This gave me a nice sharp angle at the center front. I then attached the V section of the neck binding to the dress via my regular sewing machine, but only for an inch or two past the center front. Then I finished attaching the binding on my serger, and topstitched with a chain stitch on my Janome Coverpro. I think it gives a neat, professional finish, and doing that little section on my sewing machine gave me greater control vs trying to manipulate that corner on a serger.


14 thoughts on “Style Arc Jacinta Dresses

    1. On my body? Terrible. I’m very pear shaped, so without the additional shaping and structure provided by a belt my waist gets totally lost. That’s my particular issue though – if you like how you look in an unbelted t-shirt dress you’ll probably like how this dress looks too.


      1. The words “unbelted t-shirt dress” make me recoil in fear! I have very similar measurements as yours so it’s very helpful to hear what you think. The fit around the belt is so smooth I thought maybe the front and back seams gave enough shaping to wear without. Wishful thinking — time to find cute belts! 😉


        1. I used rayon/Lycra jersey for all of my Jacinta dresses…and as you probably know that tends to be a thin and clingy fabric. The belt lets me have a very fitted look at the waist while still having enough ease so that you aren’t seeing every detail of my underwear ;).

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  1. I love the look of these dresses – sophisticated, but probably quite comfy. I love the bold colours. Also they make your legs look a mile long!

    Btw, I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while and just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work that goes into it. Your detailed posts are really helpful and I’ve learned a lot by reading them. The care you take with your photography is hugely refreshing compared to so many grainy iPhone/ over filtered insta pictures. And the quality of your sewing is really inspiring. This is definitely my favourite sewing blog. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your work with us! Sewists around the world are grateful!

    – a Nova Scotian sewist


    1. Thanks – I think the heels are partially responsible for that! The nicest thing about maxi dresses is no matter how windy it is, you can just keep walking and not have to worry about controlling your hem…

      I have a much nicer photo setup than the vast majority of sewing bloggers – it is another interest of mine that I’ve chosen to explore and invest in.


  2. Fabulous dresses. I particularly love the purple passion one. I almost purchased that fabric in a brown colourway – so sorry I didn’t now – it looks fabulous.


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