2017 Marfy Evergreen Catalog

For 2017 Marfy decided to do something a little different: rather than produce a catalog with 200+ completely new designs, they decided to republish a bunch of patterns from previous years along with some new designs. I thought this was a little odd. Then after I got the catalog I realized what was going on: for the 2017 Evergreen catalog they decided to place the focus on the sizing being more inclusive. Typically Marfy’s patterns come in Italian sizes 42 and 46, with the other sizes being less common. Now just about every single pattern in the catalog comes in Italian sizes 42-50. (This is roughly equivalent to Burda sizes 38-46, Style Arc sizes 8-16, or Big 4 sizes 12-20.) Some are also available in 52 or 54, and I even saw a few in 58. (You can see view the Marfy size chart here.)

So for example, in the 2012 catalog this vest was published as Marfy 2948 and the blouse as Marfy 2949. Both were available in sizes 42, 46, and 50. In the 2017 Evergreen catalog the vest is now Marfy 5167, the blouse now Marfy 5168, and both are available in sizes 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, and 54.


Marfy 2453 was originally published in the 2011 catalog in sizes 42, 44, and 46.


In the 2017 Evergreen catalog it is now available in sizes 42-54. (It looks like they also updated the artwork.)


I did come across one exclusion to this rule: in 2011 they published this blouse as Marfy 2503 and made it available in sizes 42-52. (The 9024 pants wereΒ  available in sizes 42-54.)


In 2017 they republished the blouse as Marfy 5159, keeping sizes 42-50 but dropping size 52. (The pants are now Marfy 5217 and are still available in sizes 42-54.)


Something else different from previous years is that there’s hardly any dresses. Instead it is almost entirely separates: tops, blouses, tunics, skirts, and pants. The few jackets thrown in are mostly of the unstructured variety, and I don’t think I saw a single coat. Even the formal wear was mostly tops paired with long skirts or pants. Since I’m a dress person I found this a bit of a letdown, but I still didn’t let it stop me from placing an order ;). It looks like I’m in luck for next year: according to the Evergreen catalog description on their website the 2018 Evergreen catalog will be mostly dresses and jackets. I’m guessing it will also include coats and capes.

As usual there’s a few free patterns included with the catalog so you can test out the Marfy fit. All are available in sizes 42-54.


30 thoughts on “2017 Marfy Evergreen Catalog

  1. Thanks for pointing this out! I’ve ignored Marfy before because they don’t have many things in size 50 and I mostly wear separates. I think I’ll have to order this one.


  2. Hi Anne: I was eager to hear your thoughts on the new catalogue! You and I seemed to zero in on different things: I was a bit disappointed in how many sheer floaty tops there are (mainly at the beginning of the catalogue) and what seems to be a huge number of outfits that are throwbacks to the ’60’s hippie look. After reading your thoughts, I looked at the catalogue again as I had thought there were quite a few dresses on offer: you’re correct — a lot of the pages show dresses but they’re almost all very plain sheaths. I, too, saw no coats, and very few trousers. Thank you for explaining about the increase in size range. I can’t wait to see what patterns you’ve purchased!



    1. Yes, a lot of the styles are lacking in structure compared to previous years, which makes me think they may be trying to be more beginner-friendly. I work at a prep school with lots of trendy teenage girls, and tons of them are walking around in that floaty stuff even in the middle of winter. The few dresses in the catalog seemed to play a supporting rather than starring role. I actually felt like there were more pants than the what they usually have, at least in the more recent catalogs. The styling definitely had more pants than usual.


      1. Ah, interesting that the floaty tops are fashionable back east — that hasn’t hit Colorado at all. But we’re usually at least a year behind the east…


      2. Due to the cold weather I’m not seeing the sheer floaty stuff quite as much now as I did in the fall, but there’s still plenty of voluminous cold-shoulder tops worn with mini skirts and those low-heeled over-the-knee boots.


  3. I pre-ordered the catalogue but have not yet received mine. I had hopes that we would see more of the jackets, coats, and more interesting dresses of years past. I will have to get next year’s Evergreen catalogue for that, it seems. I did notice from the photos that you included that there was a pretty significant price increase for the patterns you featured.


    1. They’ve definitely gone up in price, but if you’re paying in USD the cost difference is not as bad as it would have been in previous years. In 2011 I think one euro was around 1.35 USD, now it is more like 1.10 USD.


  4. Well now I’m really excited to receive my copy (I feel like Blackboard from Mr Squiggle constantly saying “Huurrrrry Uuuuup”). I like the fact that there are lots of separates – looking through most of the patterns I’ve bought from them, the majority are separates! So much more wearable… as much as I want all of their dress patterns as well.
    I’ll admit I’m a little worried about your comment on them potentially aiming more to beginners – half the reason I love their patterns is because they’re detailed, form fitting and more of a challenge. I suppose even they couldn’t be immune to the general shift towards shapeless clothing (which I’m not a fan of, purely because the look does not suit me) I see everywhere.


    1. I think it may be just the style now, especially among the younger crowd. As I mentioned to someone else I see a lot of the teenage girls where I work wearing the oversized/loose/flowing tops. But I also think with the extended sizing Marfy is trying to appeal to as many people as possible.


  5. Man, I will be so happy when we move away from the floaty, sack-like silhouettes back to a more fitted look.

    Thanks for posting this! Your reviews are always so helpful.


  6. Thank you for this post! Really helpful πŸ™‚ I never would have noticed this on my own – I’ve only actually ever bought 2 Marfy patterns and I haven’t even sewn those up yet I’ve been a little nervous of them to be honest πŸ˜‰


  7. Long-time Marfy fan here. As I understood it, this year’s Evergreen catalogue is primarily separates and daywear, and next year’s (2018) will be primarily tailoring, coats and formal wear. I mostly love Marfy for tailoring and coats, but am very pleased to see more shirts and pants particularly, since Marfy doesn’t often offer these. I do speculate whether in addition to their more comprehensive sizing range, they are also gradually digitising more of their catalogue? Not for multi-sizes, but to make more patterns viewable on their website. I’m not particularly worried that Marfy are heading for more beginner patterns, they know where their core market is. I think the looser styles simply reflect more daywear.


    1. There was a decent selection of formalwear, but again it was as separates (skirts, flowing pants, corset tops, etc) rather than dresses.

      I’m not worried about them “dumbing down” their patterns either. It just so happens that a lot of what is trendy right now is also more beginner-friendly to sew. After all, as I heard over and over again in my college psychology class, correlation does not equal causation πŸ˜‰


  8. I placed my Marfy order 5 days ago, and eagerly awaiting the patterns. Going to do a week-long sewcation and just make toiles. Since I own quite a lot of Marfy patterns, my orders are getting smaller as I scrutinise them for truly unique cuts.


  9. I’m too was taken aback first when I got my catalog, but looking at patterns I realized the chance to get some in my size or my daughter’s as some of them were all sold out( style and size). I’m already received my order of more than 20 patterns and 6 line up to see.Also, this catalog includes maternity patterns, which I never seen in catalogs before!
    Just in time!I follow your blog, and only disappointment so far ,that you don’t post frequently as you used to be.Thanks, I enjoy it very much


  10. I wouldn’t describe myself as an “expert” sewer despite being well over 60 – but I know a lady who has some tops which are unusual enough to be different but not weird and she said they were Italian (shop-bought and it was by hazard not by choice that they were Italian). Now I wouldn’t want to copy this lady’s look but I looked on the Marfy site because of them being an Italian company and couldn’t find anything that I really like. I’m based in the UK and of course it’s possible that the Marfy prices for shipping to Britain might have gone up because of “Brexit”. “Brexit” hasn’t actually come into effect yet but some British people who deal with continental Europe have said it has affected their businesses adversely – how the prices have been forced up when the UK is still technically part of the EU baffles me but that’s what people are reporting.


  11. Came by your blog today as you have been quiet for a while. Just wanted to say I hope all is well and I miss your wonderfully precise sewing and garments!


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