Burda 5/2019 #104: Wrap Dress

Burda 5/2019 #104 is a knee-length wrap dress with ties at the shoulder.

Ties on the left side

Burda’s photoshoot:

The fabric I used is a white and navy leaf print ITY from Sawyer Brook that’s been hanging out in my stash for at least two years now.

I started with a size 38 and made my usual alterations:

  • Lengthened 3/4″ between bust and waist
  • Lengthened 1″ between waist and hip
  • 3/8″ forward shoulder alteration
  • 3/8″ sloped shoulder alteration
  • Added about 3/4″ width to the upper back
  • Took in the waist 1″
  • Added a total of 4″ to the hip


  • Definitely use 5/8″ seam allowances at the shoulder – the seam allowances double as the drawstring casing for the ties.
  • Burda has you trim the 5/8″ seam allowances at the armhole and neckline before sewing the binding strips to them. I have no idea why they don’t just tell you to add only 1/4″ seam allowances to the armhole/neckline. Not very efficient! Plus, maybe I just read it wrong but they don’t have you trim the binding strips, which will leave you with binding strips that are about 1/4″ too wide when you go to fold them over and sew them. I would recommend making the binding strips only 1″ instead of the 1.5″ width in the instructions.
  • I did a double-folded hem along the vertical edges of the skirt, using Design Plus double-sided fusible stay tape to keep everything in place for when I needed to stitch it.
  • Make sure you use a really lightweight fabric. This fits looser at the waist compared to other wrap dresses, with some gathering/blousing as part of the style (the photos provided by Burda show the fit very accurately). I would categorize the ITY I used as medium weight, and definitely wouldn’t have wanted to go any heavier.
  • As I mentioned in the previous bullet point, the fit at the waist is a little looser than previous wrap dresses I’ve made. Its super cool in the summer but is not quite as secure at the neckline as a tighter dress would be. Still, I don’t have any problems with it gaping.
  • Unlike Burda 9/2006 #114 the skirt and bodice are one piece, rather than being separate pieces sewn together. The good thing about this is that it is more print-friendly and saves sewing time. The bad thing is that IMO it doesn’t drape as nicely as a separately sewn skirt piece would.

In other news…

Last winter we very suddenly lost our Great Dane Sallie to wobbler syndrome. Symptom onset was acute with almost no warning, and in the blink of an eye we were forced to put her down. For a few different reasons we decided to start looking for another dog sooner rather than later. Two weeks later we found ourselves bringing home an eight week old Great Dane puppy we named Hope. Yes, another giant dog…

Four months old…look at those huge feet!

Baby Hope has kept me very, very busy this spring and most of this summer, as she was an exceptionally needy puppy and I spent a good six weeks getting up 2-5 times a night with her. She also wanted to be rocked and held constantly.


She’s now 7.5 months old, roughly 100 pounds now, and my very best friend! When I come home from work she gets so excited its like she won the puppy lottery. She insisted on hanging out while I tried to take a few quick photos of my dress today. I’m so proud of my “little peanut.”

She looks like she smeared her mascara…



19 thoughts on “Burda 5/2019 #104: Wrap Dress

  1. You look really great and the dress is well done too.! Have you lost weight? Hope is wonderful. My Great Dane is Jada and she is 14 most. They are a handful as puppies, aren’t they? Jada is so good these days.


    1. I did lose some weight, both pounds and inches. Carbs make you hold a lot of water, which is why when you start limiting them most people lose 5-20 pounds the first month (how much you lose depends a lot on your starting weight). Everyone seems to think keto/low carb is only for weight loss but it has some other nice effects…my skin is the clearest its been since I was 12, I don’t feel tired and bloated after eating anymore, allergies are much better, my hairdresser noticed that my hair is getting thicker, etc. I’m also much stronger than the last time I was at this weight despite not having a formal exercise routine. It just requires a lot of planning/tracking, eating out is much harder than it used to be, and I had to learn how to cook all over again ;).

      We’ve had like seven Danes before this one, half of which were puppies when we got them…and this has been the most demanding one, but also the happiest one!

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      1. I was just thinking how well (and younger) you look. I’m on Keto too. For 7 weeks now and I have to say all my aches and pains are gone. I was at a point I would groan every time I stood up or sat down. I have lost 3 kgs as well.
        All the dresses in your posts are very lovely and look great on you. Your dog is so sweet too!


        1. At first glance it is a really strange way of eating, and tracking macros/logging food is kind of a pain, but it works for me way better than following the USDA food pyramid. My boyfriend loves taking me out and seeing me sit there in my little dresses eating these huge chunks of meat (like when we shared a 42 oz tomahawk ribeye last week :-P). I had some dinner rolls and a fudge cake while I was away last week (because, well, vacation + nice restaurant), and within a few days had some pimples showing up and weird joint aches. Limited my carbs to 20g/day for most of this week and now its pretty much all healed. Of course this is only one component…I had surgery a couple of years ago for endometriosis, analyzed my DNA and figured out how to compensate for my genetic weaknesses (MTHFR mutations are the most well-known), regularly do intermittent fasting (I never liked eating breakfast anyway), and spent about a year seeing a naturopath and developing a core vitamin/supplement regimen. There has also been some acupuncture thrown in there, along with many, many sessions of neurofeedback (which sounds super weird but has been astoundingly effective for anxiety and insomnia). Its taken several years and considerable amount of time/money/effort, but I made working on my health a priority and now I’m in the best shape of my life. I could probably start another whole blog on this topic 😉

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    1. Yeah, just when I was starting to feel like sewing again we got the puppy, and then I found myself turning into a crazy dog lady. Its not only the sewing, its also been much harder to take photos with her around. Been preoccupied with cooking, working on my health (and the health of loved ones), travel, etc too.


  2. Your choice of fabric makes the pattern come alive. I didn’t think anything of it from the original magazine pic, but now…


  3. You do look wonderful! Its so nice to see you speaking with us again.
    Love the dress, how cool and comfortable that is.The print really makes it, what were they thinking with that dowdy color!
    Keto and low-carb is the only way to go. Eating out does take planning. It takes a while to convince friends that you just don’t want to indulge in the same things anymore. I have found that seafood places are good, depending on how well you react to rice. Many places offer grilled options with vegetables now. Good luck with that, its rough.


    1. Thanks! I know some people frown upon massive fabric stashes but there’s something priceless about being able to pick out a fabric from your collection once you see the perfect pattern come along ;).

      I mostly just cook everything myself and keep it as simple as possible. Meat, fish, eggs, cheese, a few vegetables (fresh sauerkraut, squash, swiss chard, etc). I bought myself a sous vide and the Ninja Foodi this summer. The Foodi’s combination of pressure cooker + air fryer is a real time saver, and the sous vide makes preparing meat completely foolproof. I find that drinking water is super important too, I aim for at least 2 liters a day.

      Fortunately everyone in my life has been very supportive because they see how much better I’m doing now, and no one really wants to mess with that. Some of them have even cut back on their carb/sugar intake themselves. For the rest, I just enforce my boundaries and ask why they care so much about what I eat, because its really none of their business ;). When you think about it, unless you’re really, really close to the person or part of their medical team, its really rude to comment on someone’s food choices – yet I see people (especially women) doing it all the time! Its almost never out of genuine concern either, its just them trying to make themselves feel better or assert dominance over another person.

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  4. Love the dress! I also wanted to say I’m sorry to hear about your dog (Sallie). It’s such a tough thing to go through and a lot of people around you expect you to just keep going as if nothing has happened. I’m really glad you’ve felt able to take on another dog and that she’s finally letting you get some sleep!


    1. Yeah…it came on very suddenly, and she was only five years old. The house was so quiet and dull and depressing. There’s something unique about the energy a dog brings to a home. We started looking fairly quickly because we thought it would take a while to get what we wanted (Great Dane puppies are often sold before the litter is even born), but Hope ended up popping up sooner rather than later! I accept that death is a part of life, and for me the joy of having them is worth the pain of eventually losing them.

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