Burda 7/2009 #124B: Halter Wrap Dress

You can see in this shot the back overlay blowing over, but no wardrobe malfunctions occurred 😉

Unfortunately we were rapidly losing light while taking these photos, so my friend didn’t get any shots of the back…sorry!

Burda 7/2009 #124B has a halter neckline and ties around the waist. It is a true wrap dress in that the only thing holding it together are the ties at the waist. It is super simple, with only three pattern pieces to trace (front, back, and waist ties).

This is an older pattern, so all I have is an old scan of the line drawing. View A is the top version, View B is the dress.

The fabric I used is a lightweight ITY from Fabric Mart.

I made this over a year ago so I’m a little fuzzy about alterations. I know I shortened the skirt (I think it was around 11″), added around 4″ or 5″ to the hips and lengthened 3/4″ between bust and waist. My waist is about 2.5″ trimmer than it was last year (thanks low-carb/keto!), so the side of the ties aren’t sitting right at the side seams like they should be.


  • This dress goes together ridiculously quickly. You can trace, alter, cut, sew, and have it done in one night.
  • I used double-sided Design Plus fusible stay tape to hold the upper back seam allowances in place for topstitching. (No binding, they’re just seam allowances folded over and stitched.)
  • Make sure you use a lightweight fabric with good drape, as the gathering at the neckline especially depends on it.
  • Despite the wrap styling this dress is pretty secure. I wore this while visiting the very windy Outer Banks last month and had no issues.


6 thoughts on “Burda 7/2009 #124B: Halter Wrap Dress

  1. You really are a “clothing engineer!” I wish you would do a video sew along or tutorial showing how you measure yourself and transfer to the patterns. Everything you make fits soo great! Congrats!


    1. There’s really no secret…I just take a measuring tape and put it around me and compare my measurements to the Burda size chart (the one with ALL the measurements, not just bust/waist/hip/back waist length). The rest is knowing what to do from simple trial and error. I guess the most important thing is that I do not think about it too much and don’t get obsessed with removing every wrinkle. I’m ok with some degree of imperfection and getting 90-95% there instead of 100%.


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