Burda 6/2019 #104B: Dress








Burda 6/2019 #104B is a jersey dress with a crossover pleated bodice and front skirt with pleats and an asymmetrical hem. The straps are 1.25″ wide and slightly gathered with wide elastic. There are no fastenings. Instead it pulls over and is held in place with elastic at the waist.

Burda photoshoot:

The fabric I used is a silk jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics that I’ve had sitting in my stash since 2013!

I started with a size 38 and made the following alterations:

  • Lengthened between bust and waist 3/4″
  • 3/8″ sloped shoulder alteration
  • Added 4″ to the hips
  • Lengthened the skirt 1″ between waist and hip
  • Took in the waist 1″


  • This is the fully illustrated “sewing lesson” pattern for this issue.
  • As you can see in the second to last photo, the straps are wide enough to cover bra straps. I’m also wearing the Commando Tailored Slip under this and obviously have no issues with bra straps peeking out. However I wish there was a little bit more gathering – the effect is a little too subtle IMO.
  • I extended the interfacing for the neckline and front skirt drape about 1/2″ beyond the fold. I feel like this gives it a crisper and more durable edge.
  • It took me a minute to understand, but the front skirt is attached to the back skirt at the right side seam, and the front underskirt is attached to the back skirt only at the left side seam. So under the front skirt panel the front underskirt is completely free at the right side seam. You can see this in the last photo. This gives it a really nice drape, the same type of drape you get from a real wrap dress.
  • I used 3/8″ wide elastic instead of 1/4″ wide elastic at the waist. I wanted it to be as securely anchored as possible, and sometimes 1/4″ elastic is a little weak once you finish attaching it to the fabric and stitching through it.
  • I don’t think its mentioned in the instructions, but I strongly recommend tacking the neckline in place. (It looks like it was done for the model.)

14 thoughts on “Burda 6/2019 #104B: Dress

  1. Such a nice surprise to have your posts in my feed again! The two wrap dresses are on my sewing list, too, and I even have fabric for both, so I was really exited to see them made up and with helpful advice to boot!
    Greetings from the Rhine


  2. Nice! What a great color to transition into fall. This really looks great on you. I agree about the straps gathering. I had to look back at the illustration to see what you were talking about. I’m not sure that it would add anything to the design though.
    What did you use to make the slip out of?


  3. I am THRILLED that you posted again!!! LOVE LOVE your posts, hope things are going well for you. I’ve missed you, hope to hear more in the future.


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