Burda 4/2017 #101: Dress

Made this over 1.5 years ago, just got around to photographing it today…I guess better late than never!

Burda 4/2017 #101 is a maxi dress with a halter neckline. The skirt is gathered at the waist and there is more gathering at the waist. There’s also a gathered panel which goes over the bust at the front.

Burda photoshoot:

The fabric I used was an ITY from Fabric Mart.

For alterations, I know that I started with a size 38 and in addition to shortening the skirt to knee length (I believe I chopped off around 11″), I lengthened between bust and waist 3/4″, and ended up taking in the bodice/waist because I wanted a snugger fit. I also believe I recut piece A (the “collar” at the neck) a little longer because I have a big head and was having trouble getting it over my head :-P. I didn’t add anything to the hips because the skirt is already so full.

The most difficult part of this dress is the construction of the front bodice. Its a little hard to pick out in the line drawing, but the way the front bodice is constructed is that the inner gathered piece is sewn to the bodice, then the outer gathered bodice piece is stitched to it halfway. You can see in my last photo the slit it creates, and how the edges are finished with a little folded over hem. The inner bodice piece has some darts in it for shaping. Once you get through constructing the bodice the rest is easy.

17 thoughts on “Burda 4/2017 #101: Dress

  1. This fabric is perfect for this pattern! So pretty! But I’m not sure if I understand the point of the slits in the bodice; just a design element? If so then it really shouldn’t make construction more difficult IMO so someone at Burda had a brain fart moment I’m thinking.


  2. Like others, I have missed your inspiring posts and welcome seeing all of your recent posts. Most of all, it’s great to see you happy and posting.


  3. Glad you are back. Missed you on the blog. Hope you are well and life is going smoothly. The big floral print is fun and very pretty.


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