Sewy Linda Bra

The Sewy Linda is a full coverage comfort style bra. For shaping there’s one vertical seam, and the straps extend upward from the outer cup. It is basically a cross between a partial and full band bra. You have the look and feel of a full band, but the underwire channeling is sewn to the […]

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Jalie 3131 Bra

My mom LOVES this pattern. LOVES it! I made the bra for her about two years ago, and despite the elastics getting rather tattered at this point she insists it is just fine and still wears it all the time. (The fabric, a microfiber I bought from Elingeria, is still in surprisingly good shape.) My mother is an incredibly practical woman […]

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Spandex World Bramaking Materials

I just got in some bramaking materials from the NYC based Spandex World. They have reasonable prices and a wide selection of stretch fabrics. Here’s my thoughts: I am impressed with the heavyweight powernet. It feels almost as firm as the powernet of my RTW Panache Andorra bra and has a snappy stretch. It would work […]

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Reducing the stretch of a bra band

I have a Cosabella Prettie bra I like but hardly ever wear due to the band being way too stretchy. I actually thought the cups were too big, not realizing that the problem was not the cups (which are actually the right size) but the overly large band. It stretched too much and wasn’t holding them against my body very well. […]

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