2017 Marfy Evergreen Catalog

For 2017 Marfy decided to do something a little different: rather than produce a catalog with 200+ completely new designs, they decided to republish a bunch of patterns from previous years along with some new designs. I thought this was a little odd. Then after I got the catalog I realized what was going on: […]

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Marfy Pattern FAQs

It seems like lately I’ve been getting emails about Marfy patterns, so I thought that rather than reply the same questions over and over again I would just publish it in a post. This is meant to piggy-back off of my Marfy primer post. If you have any other questions, please post them as a […]

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Marfy 3662

Another dress that I’ve made before…but this time I used a different fabric andĀ used the skirt pieces from the Sewaholic Lonsdale instead. I’m happier with thisĀ more traditional and less dramatic look. (I also find the pockets rather handy!) The fabric I used is a silk jacquard/charmeuse, purchased over four years ago from Fabric Mart. I […]

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Marfy Patterns: A Primer

I sometimes get questions from people about Marfy patterns, so I thought I would write a post that explained a little bit more about them. Background Marfy is an Italian pattern company. Their branding is described as “high fashion.” The aesthetic tends to be ladylike and refined, and the designs (especially in older catalogs) sometimes […]

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Marfy 4009

Marfy 4009 is one of the designs from the 2016-17 Marfy catalog. It is described in the catalog as “slimming dress with sculpted seams. To be made in soft cotton or jersey.” As you can see from the fashion illustration there’s cap sleeve and three-quarter length sleeve options. The blue fabric is a royal blue […]

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