Marfy 3662

Another dress that I’ve made before…but this time I used a different fabric and used the skirt pieces from the Sewaholic Lonsdale instead. I’m happier with this more traditional and less dramatic look. (I also find the pockets rather handy!) The fabric I used is a silk jacquard/charmeuse, purchased over four years ago from Fabric Mart. I […]

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More Sewaholic Lonsdale Dresses

As promised, here are my other two Lonsdale dresses… The fabric for this Lonsdale is a very, very crisp 100% cotton poplin from Apple Annie Fabrics. I love the print, but I don’t love how the slightest breeze threatens to lift up the skirt! 😉 The second Lonsdale was made from a hot pink midweight […]

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A White Sewaholic Lonsdale

Very quick and dirty photos for this particular post, because it was starting to rain! I first made the Sewaholic Lonsdale a few years ago. This is my all-time favorite sundress; for my very pear-shaped body I’ve found the cut and design is difficult to beat. My Lonsdales get lots of love when I wear them to work (ahh, the beauty of no dress code […]

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