Spandex World Bramaking Materials

I just got in some bramaking materials from the NYC based Spandex World. They have reasonable prices and a wide selection of stretch fabrics. Here’s my thoughts: I am impressed with the heavyweight powernet. It feels almost as firm as the powernet of my RTW Panache Andorra bra and has a snappy stretch. It would work […]

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Stopping color bleed

Take a look at this writeup by Paula Burch: FAQ: Is there any way to “set” dye in purchased clothing or fabric? Paula Burch is a hobbyist dyer that also happens to be a scientist with a PhD. I’ve found her website, along with the Dharma Trading Information Center, the most useful for learning more about […]

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Working with Stretch Bengaline

I’ve had some people ask me about working with stretch bengaline, so here’s a post about it! Note: this post refers to the viscose/nylon/lycra kind of stretch bengaline you get from the Style Arc shop or Nortex Mill, NOT the polyester type from Joann’s. For more information on sourcing viscose/nylon/lycra type of bengaline see this post: Sewing […]

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