2017 Marfy Evergreen Catalog

For 2017 Marfy decided to do something a little different: rather than produce a catalog with 200+ completely new designs, they decided to republish a bunch of patterns from previous years along with some new designs. I thought this was a little odd. Then after I got the catalog I realized what was going on: […]

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Marfy 2016-17 Catalog Sneak Peak

The latest Marfy catalog arrived yesterday. (For those of you in the US that preordered: it arrived via USPS and was in my mailbox after I got home from work. I didn’t need to sign for it.) Some thoughts about this catalog: The designs are a little simpler and less dramatic than in previous years. […]

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Nina Soft Spin Dryer

A lot of my projects use wool, silk, and other fabrics that are recommended as “dry clean only”. Well, I believe that unless it is something really bulky and a major pain to press – like a winter coat – just about anything can be hand washed instead. It is partially to save money but […]

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